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R.I.P. Big Dog

Thanksgiving 2009

Amongst all the happy moments of this Christmas vacation, there is one tremendously sad note. Yesterday I received the news that McBro and McSis-in-Law had to say a final farewell to Conner, the coolest dog ever. The Big Dog was well over one hundred years old (in dog years), and had lived a good, happy life. With a tongue that was always ready to lick the lotion right off your legs (you never know…it might be jelly!), and a tail that could wreak havoc wherever it swung, Conner found a special place in my heart from the first time I saw him.

Of course, Conner was so much more than a dog.

Conner was family from the moment he walked into our lives.

How could you not love this face!?!

Or this one!?!

And while we humans might miss this face more than we ever thought possible, there is one amongst us who will miss Conner more than we can know. Little sister, Grendel.

Conner Gets a Smooch from Grendel

Farewell, old man! I hope Heaven is stocked with chewies, squirrels to chase, toys to play tug-o-war with, a big, cushy ball to lay your head on, and lots and lots of cheese.



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My Nephew’s Birthday

Saturday was my first “nephew’s” twelfth birthday. It’s hard to believe he’s already twelve! Why I remember when he was just a pup…

Yes, my first nephew was a puppy, but not for long! Somebody told me that having a sister ages you. Enter Grendel.

She’s not nicknamed “The Monster” for nothing, you know!

I’ve taken many pictures of the hounds over the years; it’s hard to choose my favorite. But this one with McBro is definitely high on the list:

It’s sure hard to resist this little face:

Happy Birthday, old man! You deserve a nap today!!


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