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My Powerpoint

I have uploaded my social studies powerpoint to the Assignment Blog (on the social studies page, oddly enough).

The Beginnings of Islam

I will do this with future presentations also, but I still expect all students to take notes during class. Taking notes while a teacher is lecturing will be an invaluable skill in high school and college. Get used to it now! 😉

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Chapter Maps Reminder

For social studies tonight, you need to create a chapter map of Lesson Two. If you’re trying to remember how to create a chapter map…keep reading! Here are the four steps for creating a chapter map from the Step Up to Writing program:

  • Find the chapter title. Write the topic anywhere on the page as long as additional information can be built around it. Put this topic in all caps, put a circle around it, or box it in. Illustrate the topic. Novelty and pictures help learning and memory, so be creative.
  • Determine what subtopics you will need. The chapter subheadings may help. You should have several subtopics. Print these subheadings in large letters and connect them to the main topic. Again, it will help if you add illustrations.
  • Look for supporting details by doing a careful reading of the chapter. Check your entries to make sure that what you write down is accurate. Connect the details to the heading. Don’t forget to use color, symbols, or pictures.
  • Go over your map. Be creative but remember that you want your map to be a collection of facts. When you are finished, you should be able to explain all of your drawings and markings to your classmates.

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For those of us who are more visual, here’s a photograph that might help:

Chapter Map

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.


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