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And The World Goes Dark

For Earth Hour, that is.

It’s 9:00 p.m. on the West Coast; we are about half-way through our Great Switch Off. I’ve been following the progress of the event throughout the day via Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll be anxious to hear the overall numbers when it’s all said and done.

I’ve also been following their posts on the Earth Hour blog which includes some amazing pictures from around the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge going dark!

Earth Hour Blog

A number of landmarks that didn’t participate in Earth Hour last year chose to go dark for Earth Hour 2010, including Mount Rushmore, the Great Pyramids, and Niagara Falls. You can read more about the number of countries who chose to participate this year in this National Geographic article, Earth Hour 2010: Record 121 Countries to Go Dark.

One last comment…using a flashlight to torment the cat is even more entertaining in the dark!



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Earth Hour 2010

This Saturday, March 27th, the entire world will come together to fight climate change one darkened light bulb at a time. What started in Sydney in 2007 as one city making a statement against global warming has become a world-wide phenomenon. Last year more than 4,000 cities around the world, including San Francisco, turned out their lights for one hour demonstrating the idea that anyone and everyone can make a difference. Will you join us this Saturday?

To learn more, watch the following video and then visit EarthHour.org.


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