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Only 179 To Go!

The Class of 2012

Day One is in the books, and I think it went pretty well! Plenty of smiling faces in my classroom. I’m hoping it wasn’t just because there was air conditioning inside! We are going to have a fabulous year, my friends! And I’m so excited that I’m surrounded by so many students who love reading as much as I do!!! I can’t wait to start talking about books with all of you. I’m sure I’ll be taking voluminous notes about the books I want to read next.

I’m sure tomorrow will be an extremely long day for all of us, so you may want to bring an extra snack. It’s also going to be plenty hot, so we all need to drink lots of water.

And, of course, don’t forget your book!



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It Never Fails!

First Day of School Forecast

Every year! The first day of school will be here in two days and the weather forecast is calling for HEAT! Lots of it!! So please come prepared on Tuesday. Bring a water bottle and plan on drinking plenty of it.

If you do happen to see this post before Tuesday, please also be sure to bring a silent reading book with you EVERY DAY, starting with the first day of school. We are a Community of Readers in seventh grade!

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Your Reading Reminder

Just a quick reminder that our Summer Read-Off for middle school ends Tuesday at 8:00 A.M. Be sure to log in all the books you’ve read before then. I’ve just finished updating the pages that have been submitted in the last week or so. And let me just say…I’m loving my new seventh grade class before I’ve even met ya!!! Check out the current totals here:

Summer Read-Off

Do you have a favorite book that you read over the summer? Why don’t you tell us about it! Leave a comment here telling us the name of the book (and author’s name if you know it), a little about it (without giving away the ending), and what you really loved about the book.

If you’ve never left a comment on a blog before, simply click on “Leave a comment” below the title of this post. You’ll need to enter your name and email address, but you don’t need to add anything for “Website.” If you are a student, please only use your first name and last initial. You can use your school email address or a personal address.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

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Here We Go!

Time to get this thing started! While my students are sleeping in this morning, I am getting myself ready to go back to school for the first time after a lovely summer vacation. This may come as a shock to my students and students everywhere, but I’m not entirely happy about it either. I love summer break! I love being able to sleep in, to lounge about all day reading a good book, to visit my local bookstore or library and just wander about aimlessly.

But I also love my students. And so I will return to work today with a smile on my face because I know that next week at this time this will be you:

Only with a lot less fur, I hope!

Ok, I’m kidding! But I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of my students next week, even if you’re not looking forward to it! We are going to have an amazing year…I guarantee it!!

Our school theme this year is Imagination. So, before you return next week, I want you each to imagine a wonderful year ahead of you and then make it happen! Our motto in Seventh Grade this year will be:

First you dream it, then you create it!

Be thinking about that over the next week…there will be a test on the first day of school. 🙂

[Yes, I’m kidding. There won’t be a test on the first day of school!]

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