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Some websites students might find helpful in studying for various subjects







8 responses to “Study Tools

  1. Luke

    I got 42 states on the states test then blanked. I guess that is the high score for now.

  2. Emily

    Luke, you beat me I had 13 left, it like makes you want to hit your head when they give you the ones you missed

  3. Emily

    Free poverty is fun too, I gave 56 cups of water

  4. mcteach

    Luke and Emily…the best I’ve done is 49! Imagine how frustrating that is to be just one short!! Nebraska??? Seriously???? I’ll never forget it again!

  5. Alexa

    I got 107 cups on the free poverty, and lost on the first two questions of the hard level.

  6. Emily

    Darn! I had 42 too. I forgot new york, I mean come on! this is so frustrating, (hehe vocab word)

  7. Shelley Muir

    Hello, my name is Shelley and I am a student teacher in Terrace, B.C. Canada. I had a stroll through this blog and I love all the students’ comments! Way to go!!!

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