If you are looking for something to read…look no further! Here are several reading lists that should help you find something good to read.

General Reading Lists

Middle School Reading Lists

Young Adult Reading Lists

High School Reading Lists

Miss McMillan Recommends

These are in no particular order:

Search for Books

What Should I Read Next? – Type in your favorite book or a book you really enjoyed and this site will suggest others that you might also like! How cool is that!!

The Book Seer – The same idea as What Should I Read Next? only a different format.

2 responses to “Books!

  1. Emily

    Hi, these are great suggestions-but do you have any personal recommendations?

    • mcteach

      Tons!!! How ’bout I add a “Miss McMillan Recommends” section? I’m also creating a wiki page where I’ll ask my “frequent flier” readers to add reviews and recommendations.

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