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Drop It Here!

In case you haven’t seen this posted on Edmodo yet, I thought I would also share this screencast here (you know how much I love to make screencasts!). If you have been unable to bring your camera or memory card back to school with you (or perhaps you have memory issues of your own), try using It’s a website that allows you to share large files or large quantities of files without the need of a flash drive or multiple (highly annoying) emails to your teacher! You can learn more about this website in this screencast:



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Give a Teacher a Flip…

…and what do you think the first thing she records will be?


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Google Docs Improvements

The folks at Google have made some outstanding new changes to Google Docs! I know my seventh graders will be excited about some of these improvements which focus on enabling greater collaboration among users. Check out this video that explains the enhancements:

You can read more about these changes here:

Google Docs Adds Major New Features


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Spring Has Sprung

I’m sure this will come as a shock to everyone, but my favorite newspaper, online or off, is the Boston Globe. One feature that I especially enjoy is called The Big Picture where they present a story using a series of amazing photographs. Monday’s edition of The Big Picture was a beautiful look at spring using photos from around the world.

One of my favorites is this colorful picture of pure joy:

Photo by Ross William Hamilton, The Oregonian

You can check out the rest of the Globe’s spring photos on their website: Signs of Spring. Don’t miss the photo of the adorable twin brown bears!


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Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday, even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate for us. I spent my Easter with my family at Marc and Maria’s house (that’s McBro and McSis-in-Law, in case you forgot). I’m sure this will come as quite the surprise, but my brother is quite the comedian. And his lovely wife isn’t so bad herself! So, I can’t say I was terribly surprised to learn that we would be playing Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s…starting with the front door:

Peep Hole

As it turns out, Marc had placed several peeps around the house in various comfortable (notice the reading material!)…

Bathroom Peep

[I’m resisting the urge to call that one “Everybody Peeps.” Oh, oops!]

…and uncomfortable positions…

Skewered Peep

Actually, I think there were more uncomfortable peeps than there were comfortable ones. I probably shouldn’t mention the one he burned. Whose idea was it to give that boy a blow torch, anyway!?!

One of my favorites…

Walking the Peep

I also just have to share with you the picture I’m the most proud of from my ventures around Chez McMillan: the elusive Pink Ficus Peep!

Pink Ficus Peep

You can see the rest of the peeps, hidden and otherwise, here: Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s.


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