Teen Decoder

Now, who wouldn’t love a device that could explain to them how and why their teens do the crazy, thoughtless, irrational things they do! Well, that’s not what this is, sorry. While it may not explain why they do strange stuff, it might help you understand what they’re saying while they’re doing it. The Teen Chat Decoder allows you to type in something you may have seen your child text to their BFF and gives you the Text-to-English translation! Pretty gosh darn cool!

BTW…if you don’t already know this, POS = Parent Over Shoulder. Just sayin’!

Know Anyone Like This?

Of course, I’m sure you don’t…

…but can you imagine being surrounded by 36 of these?!

Teaching Kids HOW to Lose

One of my favorite blogs is called The Principals Page (I know, the lack of an apostrophe is glaring, isn’t it!)  Michael Smith was a school principal and is now a Superintendent in Illinois. He writes beautifully, even if a bit tongue-in-cheek, about life, kids, and education. I wanted to share his latest post with you, Teach Your Kid How to Lose. It can be summed up in six words:

Winning is easy. Losing takes practice.

I can teach your children how to spell or how to diagram a sentence, but they learn the really important lessons from you.

Social Justice Teachings

“…the fate of the world rests in each of our hearts and minds and souls, in each of our daily deeds.”

-Dorothy Day

We have started our seventh grade conversation about the Catholic Social Justice Teachings this week. We’ll refer to the teachings throughout the year, so I invite the parents to join in the conversation at home or even leave a comment or question for the class here on the blog.

If you’d like to read more about the CSTs, I’ve added some links to our wiki:

Did you know…

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Hello Parents!

And welcome to the 2009-2010 school year at CTK. I’m looking forward to a year filled with a lot of wonderful learning (and a bit of fun sprinkled in along the way).

If you would be so kind as to fill out the Parent Information Survey that you will find here, I would greatly appreciate it. You can also find the Survey on our Netvibes page.

Thank you!


2 responses to “Parents

  1. Wendy Warriner

    I love this website! Lots of great resources and everything is right here. I also loved Matthew’s words on Hope!

  2. mcteach

    Thank you, Mrs. Warriner! I’m glad you like the blog. My hope is that it will keep the parents apprised of what’s happening in 7th grade. As for Matthew’s comment, I seem to be surrounded by a bunch of budding young philosophers this year.

    What interesting people!!

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