Sentence Contest – Week Nine

Another week has come and gone, with less than two weeks of school remaining. It’s hard to believe that my last days as a classroom teacher are going by so quickly. There’s so much I still want us to do!

I was thinking that this would be our last sentence contest, but I’m going to plan on doing at least one more. We may write our sentences on Friday so that we can give everyone plenty of time for voting. Keep an eye out!

Last week’s winning sentence:

The ferocious lion roared into the air, as his golden mane flowed around his face, challenging anyone who dared come near him.

Written by Alex

This week, students were asked to rewrite the sentence “My brother cooks” to create a much more descriptive sentence. Please help us select the best sentence. Thank you!

Voting closes Thursday, May 28th, at 11:59 p.m.


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  1. Jenny Barger

    It’s been a great year!

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