Only 179 To Go!

The Class of 2012

Day One is in the books, and I think it went pretty well! Plenty of smiling faces in my classroom. I’m hoping it wasn’t just because there was air conditioning inside! We are going to have a fabulous year, my friends! And I’m so excited that I’m surrounded by so many students who love reading as much as I do!!! I can’t wait to start talking about books with all of you. I’m sure I’ll be taking voluminous notes about the books I want to read next.

I’m sure tomorrow will be an extremely long day for all of us, so you may want to bring an extra snack. It’s also going to be plenty hot, so we all need to drink lots of water.

And, of course, don’t forget your book!


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2 responses to “Only 179 To Go!

  1. Claire Kenneally

    Hey Karen!!!
    My sister thinks im not allowed to call you that, but since im not technechely a student… well, you made the mistake of knowing me so this is not my fault 🙂 I just wanted to hear how it’s going, and to tell you that my sis isn’t getting nearly enought homework – she’s still able to make an attempt – albiet pathetic – at having a life!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! jk
    p.s. i heard about the horendeously (i know thats not spelled right, but hey, we all know that’s my one flaw) hard geography test you’re planning, and i have some suggestions:

  2. Have a great year, sounds like a great start for all of you!

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