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The Homework Dropbox

As I mentioned to my seventh graders yesterday, I have created a way for students to “turn in” their digital homework throughout the year. It’s one extra step for students to take, but it could save the teacher (that’d be me!) up to an hour of time per assignment! So I greatly appreciate my students taking that extra step; one that won’t take more than a minute, I promise!

Here’s what I want you to do. Go to this link on the Seventh Grade website:

Homework Dropbox

First, you need to enter the basic information: your name and which subject the assignment is for. For the Name of Assignment box, enter the name I have given you for the assignment or, if I haven’t given you a specific name, use a name that properly identifies the assignment.

Next you will need to copy and paste the URL (web address) for your assignment into the box on the form labeled β€œLink to Your Assignment.” Be sure it’s the URL that goes directly to your assignment, not the URL to the page of your blog.

The last box on the form is optional; it is for any information you may need to share with me regarding the assignment. For example, if you were absent the day it was assigned or if you had any questions about completing the assignment, you would enter that information in that box.

So, if you’re having some downtime this weekend and looking to get ahead for next week, try using this form to “turn in” your first two literature responses from your blog and/or your vocabulary sentences. You will need to use the form three different times to turn in each assignment separately.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.


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Vocabulary Comics

Your homework for this evening is to create a comic strip using your vocabulary words (Unit 9 please). Here’s an example comic that I created last year (for a different unit):

Unit Ten by McTeach,

Here’s what you do:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Cartoon Playground”
  • Create your comic strip using the tools provided. Be sure to use at least one vocab word per square.
  • Give your comic a title and add your first name, last initial
  • Click on “publish” and review your comic
  • If everything is okay, click on “save” (but don’t save it to the gallery!)
  • After it’s published, email it to yourself and to me (ctkmcmillan @ mac . com)

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be adding your comics to the Vocabulary page on this blog (I’m taking screenshots since we can’t seem to use the HTML code).


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Homework for Monday

What Did You Say?

Yes, that’s right, Grendel. I said “Homework for Monday.” Don’t worry, though. My students LOVE getting last minute homework assignments that have to be done over the weekend…even if it IS a holiday weekend! Trust me.

Mmmm...I Love Homework!

Oh, come on, Connor! That’s the oldest line in the book…”the dog ate my homework!” Puh-lease! Besides, we do a lot of homework on our blogs, so unless you’re going to start chewing on computer cables find something else to gnaw on!

Now, on to your assignment! It involves some research, but I’ll provide you with the websites to read which should make this much easier. First let’s start with our guiding question for this activity:

Why is McTeach so excited?!

Using the following websites, write a one-sentence answer and post it here as a comment. Got it? Excellent.

First website: The Picture Show Blog – Freeze Frame

Second website: Palmer Station

Third website: South for Summer

Oh please, that's so easy...

…even a dog could figure it out!

Alright, George, take it easy. At least give them time to look over the websites I so painstakingly put together. Then they can add their comment to this post and tell us what they think the answer is.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to see you on Monday!!


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Highlighting and Underlining

Looking for Something?

Looking for Something?

I’ve attached the highlighting and underlining handout to the links page on Miss McMillan’s Assignment Blog. I’m sure you’ll be referring to it many times! πŸ™‚

Links Page

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New Homework Site

As I believe I’ve mentioned to a number of students and parents, I haven’t been entirely happy with the site I was using to post homework. It wasn’t easy to work with (from my perspective), and it seemed awfully easy to read (from yours). So I created a new site yesterday that I hope will work much better for all of us. You can go directly to the site here:

Seventh Grade Homework and Schedules

Or you can go to the homework page on this blog and you’ll find the same link. I will also be adding it to the Favorite Links in the sidebar. The site has a Homework page which has a table that shows the entire week; I’ll add the homework to it as we go. That way you’ll be able to see all of the homework that’s been assigned, all at the same time.

You will also notice a page called Looking Ahead which has my seventh grade Google calendar attached to it. This calendar includes quizzes and tests along with special items like Blog Action Day and Crazy Hat Day (from last week). And then there’s something that’s on the calendar for a week from tomorrow (October 26th), but [sarcasm alert!] I’m not sure we’ve talked much about it so I’m having trouble remembering what it might be. πŸ˜›

I’ll be adding one more page to this site today (hopefully) that will list all of the mass dates for seventh grade (at least those I know about). I know we’ll be going to mass next Monday, October 26th, and I’m thinking we should make it a dress uniform day! What do you think? πŸ˜‰

Be sure and check out the Home page on the homework site…time to start thinking about planning for weather! πŸ™‚

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please let me know.


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Homework Reminder

Please don’t forget that you do actually have homework this weekend. You need to finish reading The Giver and, if you didn’t finish it in class, you’ll need to finish your literature journal entry.

Also, I’ve added a page to this blog called “Books!” It contains links to a number of reading lists online that I’ve been finding. That should keep you busy for a day or two!

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Chapter Maps Reminder

For social studies tonight, you need to create a chapter map of Lesson Two. If you’re trying to remember how to create a chapter map…keep reading! Here are the four steps for creating a chapter map from the Step Up to Writing program:

  • Find the chapter title. Write the topic anywhere on the page as long as additional information can be built around it. Put this topic in all caps, put a circle around it, or box it in. Illustrate the topic. Novelty and pictures help learning and memory, so be creative.
  • Determine what subtopics you will need. The chapter subheadings may help. You should have several subtopics. Print these subheadings in large letters and connect them to the main topic. Again, it will help if you add illustrations.
  • Look for supporting details by doing a careful reading of the chapter. Check your entries to make sure that what you write down is accurate. Connect the details to the heading. Don’t forget to use color, symbols, or pictures.
  • Go over your map. Be creative but remember that you want your map to be a collection of facts. When you are finished, you should be able to explain all of your drawings and markings to your classmates.

Β© 2008 Sopris West Educational Services

For those of us who are more visual, here’s a photograph that might help:

Chapter Map

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.


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The Giver Questions

I’ve created a new page on my Assignment Blog for all of the questions related to The Giver. I’ve also added a new question for you to respond to by Friday. Yes, you may comment on your classmates’ blogs as they add their responses to the question. Here’s a direct link:

The Giver Page


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Just So We’re Clear…

Any homework assigned today will be due Thursday as our day tomorrow is pretty full with other activities. Other work notes are as follows:

I hope that helps. Be sure to email me with any questions. As for tomorrow, you do have free dress, but keep in mind you need to be able to run, jog, walk, and/or skip in whatever outfit you choose.

Also, I will be posting a new question for The Giver later today that will be due by Friday. Be on the lookout!


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Today’s Homework

Ok, I’m feeling like there may be some confusion about what you’re doing for homework this evening. So let’s clear it up, shall we? Here’s what you need to do tonight:

  • Rough draft of the paragraph describing the spotted owl picture (written in your notebook or typed in word, but NOT posted to your blog)
  • The “paper blog” – the one that you’re writing a couple of paragraphs about something you’re passionate about and then decorate it however you’d like.
  • We didn’t talk about it, but it’s up on the homework board: please write our petitions for Friday’s mass. Remember who we pray for: (1) church leaders, (2) leaders of government, (3) Special occasions – Guardian angels and St. Francis of Assisi, (4) The sick, (5) The dead.

Both assignments for YOUR blog are due Friday, not tomorrow. You may, of course, do it tonight and email me if you have any questions. Check the Assignment Blog for explanations.


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