Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday, even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate for us. I spent my Easter with my family at Marc and Maria’s house (that’s McBro and McSis-in-Law, in case you forgot). I’m sure this will come as quite the surprise, but my brother is quite the comedian. And his lovely wife isn’t so bad herself! So, I can’t say I was terribly surprised to learn that we would be playing Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s…starting with the front door:

Peep Hole

As it turns out, Marc had placed several peeps around the house in various comfortable (notice the reading material!)…

Bathroom Peep

[I’m resisting the urge to call that one “Everybody Peeps.” Oh, oops!]

…and uncomfortable positions…

Skewered Peep

Actually, I think there were more uncomfortable peeps than there were comfortable ones. I probably shouldn’t mention the one he burned. Whose idea was it to give that boy a blow torch, anyway!?!

One of my favorites…

Walking the Peep

I also just have to share with you the picture I’m the most proud of from my ventures around Chez McMillan: the elusive Pink Ficus Peep!

Pink Ficus Peep

You can see the rest of the peeps, hidden and otherwise, here: Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s.


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2 responses to “Hide and Go Peep at McBro’s

  1. That is awesome! Sounds like a fun get together. That would be fun to do in the classroom!

  2. Dominic D

    these pictures are funny. I like the one with the guy who had a spear through one.
    LOL! 😛

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