The Teacher’s Desk 8-26-14

I decided to try something new with my teacher’s desk this year. One of the student jobs that I have for my students to do each week is Quote Writer. One pair of students has to find at least one inspirational quote each week to share with the class. Last year, students were supposed to find a quote and add it to a Tumblr blog that I had created. That proved to be rather painful. I spent too much time trying to get students to do that job.

Then inspiration struck! I decided to paint my teacher’s desk with chalkboard paint and then ask my Quote Writers to write their quote on the teacher’s desk with chalk. How motivating is that! And it looks fabulous!

Thanks to Lindsey and Katie H. for being the first to add a quote to the teacher’s desk!





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4 responses to “The Teacher’s Desk 8-26-14

  1. I love how this turned out! Dare I say, very cute, Mcteach!

  2. Kerry

    I love this idea! I’m also teaching grade 7 this year (after being a consultant for the last two years) . We start school next week- but you can check out my blog here:
    Will you be blogging with your kids? I would love to connect my kids with students around the world.

    • McTeach

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, I will be blogging with my students again this year. I haven’t decided if we’ll be using Kidblog or another platform yet, but we’ll be starting next week. Right now, students are preparing their paper blogs and we’ll be practicing commenting using sticky notes. We’d also love to connect with other classes!

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