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Ten More Days

It’s hard to believe, but ten days from today we’ll be leaving for Camp Caritas. I know it’s a little early to be looking at the weather for that week, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Occidental 10-21-13

Let’s hope that 70° and sunny will be an accurate forecast for the entire week! But whatever the weather happens to be, we’ll make do. It’s Mother Nature’s game…she always wins. And if it rains, we’ll get wet. And the kids will have even more fun playing gaga ball!

If you’d like to check the weather in Occidental to see what your seventh grader has to look forward to, you can find it here: 10-Day Weather Forecast for Occidental.

While I’m away at camp each year, I try to keep those left off the bus (oh, you lucky souls!) apprised of what’s going on while we’re gone. If you would like to follow the adventures of a middle school teacher as she slowly, but surely, loses what’s left of her mind, this is the blog for you: Miss McMillan Goes to Camp.

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