A Fair Teacher

A Fair Teacher

On the first day of school last week, I asked my students to complete a Google Form that asked the question, “What is your definition of a fair teacher?” Here are their answers, in the form of a Wordle. (In case you didn’t know, the words that repeat most often appear larger in the Wordle.)

I hope I can live up to their definition!




August 25, 2013 · 2:38 pm

4 responses to “A Fair Teacher

  1. Karen Bailey

    “Kind” is what I want for my kid! Thanks

  2. Patti Turner

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re able to meet the challenge and stay “upright” today. IDK if I could, after a full day with seventh graders!

    • McTeach

      It definitely takes a certain mindset to work with middle schoolers. Needless to say, I do sleep pretty well during the school year! 🙂

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