A Year of Discovery

Our Discovery Journal

As our school theme for this year is Discovery, I spent some time this summer looking for some ideas on how to incorporate it into my seventh grade curriculum.

Ok, honestly, it didn’t take me all that long to figure out. Being a member of the Discovery Educator Network, I knew I needed to include Discovery Education in our work in class on a daily basis. I also wanted to make sure that my students were pausing to reflect on their learning each day, so the two thoughts came together as our Discovery journal. A tremendous “thank you” goes out to Mrs. Johansen from Discovery Education for sending each of us a supercool notebook that functions as our Discovery journal!

Here’s how it works: Each day, students (and the teacher) will write at least one thing they discovered that day. It can be something academic that they learned in one of their classes that day, it can be something new that they learned about one of their classmates, or something that they discovered about themselves, in or out of the classroom. It’s important to note that all of their comments in their Discovery journals need to be positive. We’re not focusing on the negative this year!

To give you some ideas of what we’re discovering this year, I’m asking each of my students to add a comment to this post and share at least one thing they’ve discovered since the beginning of the school year (was the first day just last week?!)

Please feel free to join us! What is one thing that you discovered today?


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26 responses to “A Year of Discovery

  1. Charlie M

    Today I discovered how much I enjoy social studies class.

  2. Kevin C.

    I discovered that Ms. McMillan has connections with discovery education.

  3. Nick C.

    Best Site ever

  4. Tom J

    Miss McMillan,
    I love the sense of humour that you have in your writing. The dicovery journal is already helping me express my feelings.

    Tom J

    • McTeach

      Why, thank you, Tom! I appreciate that! And I’m so glad your Discovery journal is proving to be helpful. I’m enjoying mine also!

      • Today I discovered that the students in 7th Grade at CTK are even more spectacular than I already knew, and that the these students are discovering how amazing the home room, math and science teachers are!

  5. Kelly P.

    I discovered two days ago, that the Archeon Eon lasted 1,300,000 years.

  6. Kyle

    Today I discovered that it is not a good idea to leave your discovery notebook at school.

  7. Lauren W.

    This week I discovered that I love bearded dragons and they love me back!

  8. Courtney

    Today I discovered that my kitten likes to sleep in the piano.

  9. Catie

    Today I learned that one of my classmates likes to play Lacrosse.

  10. Madi O.

    I learned last Wednesday how to jump through a spinning hula hoop.

  11. Emily B.

    Today, I discovered that korean music is called K-Pop.

  12. Isabella H

    Today I discovered paper blogs are really fun.

  13. Brandon

    Today I discovered how tall a 150 foot crane is.

  14. Oscar

    I discovered that my friend’s dog likes to sleep under the dining table.

  15. Today I learned that I did not grow over the summer.

  16. Nicholas P

    Last week I discovered that the 6 grade has a class pet.

  17. Ian Torres

    Last week I learned from my baseball coach that if I don’t field a grounder with two hands, I have to run to the outfield wall and back two times.

  18. Russell

    I discovered that a male bearded dragon’s tail is longer than a female’s.

  19. Jeffrey J

    Last week I discovered what frets are on a guitar.

  20. maggie b

    I discovered what our faith families are

  21. DOM

    Today l discovered that a science experiment called “Gloop” bounces!

  22. Karen Bailey

    Love having a window in to this class. Thanks for the invitation! Mrs. Bailey

  23. Kayla

    Today I discovered that Ms.Mcmillan does not like to be called ‘Ma’am’.

  24. Today I discovered that an old friend of mine has a new and exciting job, and I am really looking forward to learning more about her adventurous career.

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