Questions, Questions, Questions

The first writing assignment my students received this year was called the Million-Word Essay. The challenge: in a million words (or less), tell me everything there is to know about you. I think next year I may want to emphasize “or less“!! Of course, when you ask students to write about their favorite subject, they have plenty to say.

At the end of their essay, I asked them to ask me three questions on any topic. Here are a few of their questions along with my answers:

Will we be doing a lot of grammar or vocab?

Absolutely! I love nothing better than torturing…oops, I mean…helping students gain a better understanding of this wacky English language of ours!

What was the year your favorite class graduated (or will graduate)?

Oh, so NOT answering that question! There’s just no way for a teacher to answer that question without hurting someone’s feelings.

When are we going to have our dances?

There are two dances scheduled; the first you already know about, October 28th. The second dance will be in February-ish.

Do you drink coffee?

Ick. No. I do, however, love coffee ice cream! Weird, eh?

How will you include technology in our classwork?

Oooohhhh…excellent question! I have many ideas on how we can use technology this year. We’ll have the laptops in our classroom frequently, and we’ll get a lot of use out of our Google Apps accounts. Do you have any suggestions? How would you like to use technology in your classwork?

Do you believe in public humiliation?

Only for people who ask questions about public humiliation.

Who is one of your heroes?

Another excellent question! One of my heroes is Dr. Jane Goodall, the British primatologist and anthropologist.

Why are you such a fun teacher?

Cool question! Thank you!! I think learning is fun and I want my students to feel the same way. Of course, if you’re asking me questions about public humiliation, our definition of “fun” may be a bit different.

I’m really enjoying reading my seventh graders’ essays. I think I may have a few questions of my own to ask when I’m done!

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  1. Haha, my questions ask me the last one, except they state it as a statement. “You’re fun!” or “You’re nice!” And I always say, “In reality, I’m really mean. You guys just haven’t realized it yet. Just wait.”

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