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The Right to Learn

In class this morning, students had to come up with a list of the rights and responsibilities that they have as students in the seventh grade class. First they started their own list in their journals, and then we transitioned into a small group conversation. Each group had to come up with a list of five rights and five responsibilities. After the groups had enough time to create their lists, we started our class list. And what a list it is!

We have the right:

To be acknowledged.

To be treated with respect.

To be treated fairly.

To learn in a comfortable environment.

To express our opinions.

To be safe.

To be included.

We have the responsibility:

To attend school.

To treat others with respect.

To stay organized.

To clean up after ourselves.

To participate.

To turn in our homework.

To take care of ourselves (especially when we’re sick and need to stay home).

To be honest.

To use our Google Apps accounts appropriately.


Tomorrow, working as a class, we will decide on a class list of five rights and five responsibilities that we want to be sure and remember throughout our year.

As I wandered around the classroom this morning, I looked at a number of student notebooks and noticed that quite a few students had written down that they have the Right to Learn.

Yes, you do!!

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