Special Delivery

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it: sneak around campus and tape stuff on doors without being seen! Yes, it’s time to get your ninja on!!

Yup, works every time!

Seventh graders had a fabulous time this afternoon spreading some early Thanksgiving cheer. I’ll let Patty explain it (she wrote this in an email to me):

We started making these letters at school, but I didn’t have much time to finish. So, I brought mine home, where I could spend all the time I needed to make it beautifully decorated with words of thanks. My letter was for Mrs. Davis. I was never a student of hers, so it was a little difficult to write out the letter. Anyways, the next  day we all returned to school with our letters. At exactly 2:00, we went our own separate ways to deliver them to each staff member. We were to tape it onto their door, without anyone seeing us. It was actually not difficult at all.

After delivering my letter, I met up with Gaby, and we continued being sneaky by rolling and crawling on the concrete. Well, it wasn’t actually that sneaky because a lot of people were staring at us. And I’m pretty sure you took pictures of us. I’m telling you, the paparazzi follows me everywhere! That was probably the most fun part of the “mission”! You should definitely do it again next year!

I agree, Patty!


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3 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. Katie Klinger

    I was on the recipient end of this amazing project. There was nothing better to brighten my entire week than finding such a thoughtful message taped to my door. The 7th grade ninjas were quite successful!

  2. This is so much fun, what a great way to encourage students to be thankful for the teachers in their lives!

  3. Mrs. Bailey

    Hi 7th graders,
    Go Ducks! is right, all the way to the BCS Championship!
    Thanks for hitting me with the stealthy sign today. The first graders may have seen you, but then again, for a bit, I thought they had “signed” me. Your thanks is always appreciated, but I should thank you. You were an awesome class to teach! Can I come back and “teach” you sometime?
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    Mrs. Bailey

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