Countdown to Caritas

In about nineteen hours (from the time of this writing), we will be on a bus on our way to Camp Caritas. Are you packed yet? Do you have your book picked out? Any last minute questions? Before you ask about the weather forecast, here’s the latest info:

Weather for Caritas

For those who are driving up to Caritas to join us, you can find directions here:

A few reminders for everyone. We will go to mass tomorrow morning at 8:00 before we leave. Students do not have to wear their uniforms tomorrow; they should wear what they plan to wear on the bus. Please try to be at school by 7:45 so you can drop off your luggage, backpacks, whatever. We will walk over to mass at 7:55 (if the teacher happens to be running around like a crazy person, please walk over ahead of me. We’ll be sitting in the front pews on the right-hand side of the church where the first graders usually sit; the seats will be reserved for us.)

The bus will be arriving at school around 9:15 which will allow us fifteen minutes to get packed up and be ready to drive away from school at 9:30. I’m sure it will be a peaceful, uneventful drive for the teacher (whose iPod will no doubt be getting plenty of use tomorrow!)

Parents…please feel free to join us at mass tomorrow morning. We will be sitting together as a class, and parents can sit behind us. After mass, we’ll be returning to the classroom for one last conversation and some breakfast treats. We’ll be back outside the classroom by 9:15 where we hope you’ll join us to say farewell (and, perhaps, a “Good Luck!!” to the teacher).

Any questions?


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4 responses to “Countdown to Caritas

  1. Cecilia Lopez

    Buena suerte muchachos!

    Good luck 7th graders! I will be praying for you and hoping that you have a wonderful experience at Camp Caritas!

    Señora López 🙂

  2. Michelle Hannigan

    Hope you made it up there safely!

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