Nothin’ Like A Free Book!

And if you’re willing to read at least eight books this summer, Barnes and Noble will give you one…a free book! There’s just one little catch…you’re all too old to participate. Sorry. This is only for kids in first through sixth grades. Ok, I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Um, so, why exactly are you telling us this, McTeach?” My response:

Um…hellooooooo!! Weren’t you listening??? I said…FREE BOOKS!!!

Ok, so seventh and eighth graders won’t be able to benefit from this, don’t you know someone who can? A younger sibling, perhaps? Or a cousin? Someone you babysit? Whoever!

FREE BOOKS, people!! ‘Nuff said!

So pass on this address to anyone you think might benefit: 2010 Barnes & Noble Summer Reading.



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2 responses to “Nothin’ Like A Free Book!

  1. And if you can’t get in line for those free books, Barnes and Noble is also offering 5 free ebooks (bestsellers) if you bring in a Nook, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone with the B&N app on it. So there, more free books.

    • McTeach

      I do love how you think, Mrs. Tenkely!!! Plus, it’s one more reason for me to buy an iPhone! Especially before ISTE!!!

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