She’s Here!!

Civil War Sallie

Civil War Sallie finally arrived at CTK this afternoon! Just in time for our faculty meeting after school. She was most happy to get out of her traveling compartment (aka, big, brown box) even if it meant sitting around listening to teachers talk about budgets and test scores.

Sallie is looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful CTK students and staff. I know she’s particularly anxious to hear what we know and what we want to know about the Civil War. I bet she’d love to sit in on some of the seventh grade Africa presentations, especially if they’re all as fabulous as the ones we saw today! She’ll probably have lots of questions for us. She had one or two for the faculty today.

Sallie Asks A Question


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6 responses to “She’s Here!!

  1. Carol Alonso

    What an impressive project! I look forward to watching the process unfold.

    • McTeach

      I agree! Sarah is quite an impressive young lady. I don’t know many grown-ups who would be able to stand in front of a large group of teachers and talk about a project like this, but Sarah does it with ease.

      Our eighth graders will be teaching the fifth graders about the Civil War as well as creating a website that will serve as a Civil War history “book.” I’m excited about it!

  2. Hooray! That is exciting, enjoy your visit with Civil War Sallie, hope you all learn a lot šŸ™‚

    • McTeach

      I’m sure we will! Tomorrow I’m taking Sallie Ann to the John Muir House which is only a couple of miles from our school, but I’ve never been there! I think we’ll both enjoy the visit!

  3. Alexa

    How long do we have Civil War Sallie?

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