Classrooms Care

Classrooms Care

Get your bookmarks ready, seventh graders! I have signed us up to participate in Scholastic’s Classrooms Care project for Spring 2010. If we read 50 books by May 14th, we can help donate up to 250,000 books to kids who live on military bases with their parents. Now, having a seventh grade class read 50 books in two months seems rather easy to me, so I think we should make it a bit more challenging! Here are the three options I’ve come up with:

  1. We double the required number of books and challenge ourselves to read 100 books as a class by May 14th;
  2. We challenge our class to read 50 different books by May 14th. By that I mean we only count a book toward our goal if no one else in the class has read it for this project;
  3. We really challenge ourselves and read our 50 books by March 14th instead of May 14th!

What are your thoughts?



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3 responses to “Classrooms Care

  1. Good extensions on this activity. What did the kids decide to do?

    • McTeach

      I only just signed us up for it this morning. I doubt the kids know about it yet. But I’ll let you know after Monday!

  2. Melissa

    I like the second and third ideas – but I think the second is the best so we aren’t all reading the same books.

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