National Grammar Day

“Tis National Grammar Day!”

McTeach announced with a flourish.

Your puny young brains

I feel I must nourish.

So dot every ‘i’

Unless it’s a pronoun.

You know what to do then

So your teacher won’t frown!

Now let us review

Just one time more

All those nouns and pronouns

And prepositions galore.

A noun is a person, a place or a thing.

Unless it’s a gerund,

A verb with an -ing.

And don’t forget pronouns,

Those poor little dears.

They do the heavy lifting,

Have done so for years.

I still have to wonder

With an “Oh ME” and “Oh MY”,

If it’s always an adverb

When it has an -ly.

And where would we be

Without descriptions aplenty?

Adjectives tell us which one,

What kind or how many.

I’d like to continue,

Like, I totally would.

But this one word “like”

Is up to no good.

I hear it so frequently

Throughout all my days,

It’s lost all its meaning

So this thought I must raise.

Be kind to your grammar teach,

She works so darn hard,

That they created this holiday

So you might send her a card.

Just remember when it’s returned to you,

All covered in ink that is red,

That “me and you”

Seriously hurts my head!

Well, that’s my weak attempt at a little grammar poetry for National Grammar Day. So I thought I should also add a little grammar lesson for my seventh graders. I think you’ll particularly enjoy the parenthetical remark!

Often we see commas misplaced in sentences with a complex predicate and a modifying phrase:

Wrong: The dog barked at the cat, and for no apparent reason, ate a cantaloupe.

Correct: The dog barked at the cat and, for no apparent reason, ate a cantaloupe.

(The reason is abundantly clear, of course; the dog is a melon collie.)

from “Comma Chameleon: How It Changes the Color of Your Meaning”
By Rob Reinalda


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7 responses to “National Grammar Day

  1. Amanda

    Bravo! Excellent! Fantastic! Wonderous! Ok, I can stop raving now.

  2. Melissa

    WE LOVE YOU MCPEACHY BOO BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sam C

    You ROCK, McTeach – Laurie

  4. You were very ambitious this grammar day McTeach!

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