Percy Jackson

I know many of my students will be venturing out to the movie theater this weekend to see the new Percy Jackson movie. And I know that most of you have also read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the two. After you see the movie this weekend, please leave a comment to this post telling everyone what you thought about the movie and how well it compared to the book.



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12 responses to “Percy Jackson

  1. Emily

    It is awesome!!!! well, I haven’t actually seen it yet, but the book is awesome and I am seeing it tomorrow! I am sooooo excited!

  2. Bianca B

    That movie was spectacular!!!! Even though I didn’t read the books, I thought it was really good!!

  3. Emily

    Well, in my opinion, because I just saw the movie and have read all the books, I honestly didn’t think the movie was that good. Yes, it had some awesome special effects like in the underworld, but I personally am annoyed that in the movie — #1, Annabeth had brown hair and blue eyes and is a terrible actress, #2, Grover stayed behind in the uderworld, when Percy’s mom was supposed to in the book, #3, the three were going after the pearls, when really, they were given the pearls by a god in the book, #4, Percy found out that he was the son of Poseidon way too early, #5, well yeah, you get the point. But the things I did like about the movie – hmmmmm, I liked the game of capture the flag , that was well done, and Grover was totally awesome!! oh, and I especially loved the part where Annabeth and Percy were closing in on each other, about to kiss, and I was like, “No, what are they doing, they don’t kiss until the 4th book!!” (Bianca P. agreed) and then Annabeth just pulled his sword out instead, haha, so I think the movie was ok, although it didn’t follow the awesome book!

  4. Carrie

    I agree with Emily. Annabeth didn’t have her Yankees cap that turned her invisible. Percy is supposed to find out that he’s Poseidon’s son after capture the flag, not before. The movie didn’t follow the story line at all….but think about it…which movies that are about books do? Like Harry Potter…and the Twilight series…and other books that were turned into movies that was the total opposite of the book…but it’s actually good to see different perspectives than just the first ones. If you hadn’t read the book, you would’ve loved it, *cough cough* Sierra *cough cough*, the animations and GRAPHICS were really cool, like the Underworld, Olympus, and the monsters like the hydra. It was an amazing movie, but it could’ve followed the book a little better…but oh well. You should see it though, even if you didn’t read the book. By the way, Zeus was the PERFECT character, and I think Percy was pretty good too, just a little too old, and Grover, was just amazing! Bunny said that Percy and Annabeth could be sisters…but of course that wasn’t true.

  5. It was an awesome movie and I also agree with Carrie and Emily. I think it had awesome graphics like Carrie said and that the Percy’s actor was a little bit to old.

  6. Colleen

    I agree with Carrie and Emily. It was totally different from the book. It would have been better if it had not been based off of a book. Also, it really annoyed me that Annabeth liked Percy so much. She’s supposed to HATE him, and yet she doesn’t even gets annoyed with him. She also turned on Luke too fast. She didn’t defend him at all, and barely ever talked to them. I disagree with Emily, I don’t think that she was THAT bad of an actress. I think that she was just written in terribly. I do agree that Grover was AWESOME though. They did a great job with him.

  7. Emily

    Annabeth – not a bad actress!?! “I definitely have strong feelings about you, I just haven’t decided whether they are positive or negative yet.” TERRIBLE, and like, yes, that might have been written in but also the way she said it, ahhhh just gets on my nerves!

    • Colleen

      I don’t know if she was good on a profesional level, but I do know that a) I couldn’t have done any better (well maybe I could have, but I don’t know), b) for her age, it’s not terrible, not good, but not terrible, and c) she could have done a whole lot worse. I never said, she was good I said, and I quote, ” I don’t think that she was THAT bad of an actress.” That does not say good at all!

  8. Dominic D

    I have to agree. The story line of the movie did not follow the book what so ever, but they made the movie really well. Yes, Annabeth was a horrible actress and was not written in well. I still can’t believe that they didn’t put a thing about Ares and his children, and that the oracle wasn’t in it either. All in all though it was a great movie.

  9. madeleine

    The book was so much better. The movie completely changed the storyline, and Ares and Clarisse were not in the movie at all, when they had a major part of the book. The flying shoes that Luke gave to Percy were supposed to lead them into tartus, not help them, and the pearls were supposed to be given to them by a god. Percy wasn’t supposed to know that he was the son of Posiedon right away, and the cabins were so open, and not in the u shape they were supposed to be in. I didn’t like Annabeth’s acting, but thought Grover was funny. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, especially compared to the book.

  10. Melissa

    Well I agree with some of the other things said and I think it was amazing to watch. For someone who hasn’t read the books it will be great because the graphics and details were great but it didn’t follow the story as much as would have liked. Like Emily said there were a lot of parts left out which made it confusing but anyone who hasn’t even read the books will love it too

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