This Will Be Fun

In class today, we began our celebration of National Geography Week by creating a survey about the places where people live. I sent that survey out to the world via Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook. So far forty-five people have filled out the survey. The furthest city listed in our survey? Auckland, New Zealand! I wonder how much my seventh graders already know about New Zealand…


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2 responses to “This Will Be Fun

  1. Carrie

    I know people who live in New Zealand. They are my friends friends cousins. I met them over the summer!

  2. Amanda

    I know people who live in New Zealand, too. My Aunt Kari, Uncle David, and cousin Charlie live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Aunt Kari gave a presentation on Antarctica in fifth grade when she visited here with her family. Everybody in the class(except Nick W., who wasn’t in our class then) loved it. She goes to Antarctica every year as a scientist.

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