Many Thanks!

Happy Birthday, McTeach

Happy Birthday, McTeach

Well, they did it. My wonderful seventh graders actually had me speechless this morning! Don’t worry…I got over it. But it took a moment or two.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your birthday gifts. The album of notes from my students was, by far, the best gift I could have received…even better than chocolate. I know!! Can you imagine such a thing? Well, actually, you could if you were a teacher feeling so much love and appreciation from her students.

I especially loved what one student wrote: “We’re not just a class and a teacher…we’re a family.” That’s so very true. You’re the first people I think of in the morning, and the last people I think of at night. I carry you in my heart wherever I go, and am ever-so-grateful that God brought all of us together.

Many, many thanks for making this teacher feel so very special, so very loved.


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6 responses to “Many Thanks!

  1. Sam C

    Your welcome Ms. McMillan

  2. HAAAAPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amanda

    We actually made you speechless? Wow.

  4. Colleen

    The feelings mutual McTeach! You are by far the best teacher I have ever had!

  5. I totally agree with Colleen!

  6. Melissa

    I totally agree!!!

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