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Are You Ready?

Welcome to Camp Caritas!

Welcome to Camp Caritas!

Are you packed? Have you checked your list? Have you checked it again? Do you have your dress uniform washed and pressed and ready for mass Monday morning? 😉


If you have questions over the weekend, please email me. I’ll check in frequently in between getting myself packed and giving George extra scritches and smooches. Biggest question for me as I get myself ready: What book shall I bring?! I’m leaning toward The Magician by Michael Scott. Any other suggestions?

If you’re looking for a good book to read, check out the Books! page on this blog. I’m adding reading lists for all levels to that page as I find them. You’ll also find two websites at the bottom of the page that let you type in the name of a book you really liked and they will offer you a list of book suggestions you might like. Pretty cool!

What’s even MORE cool is that I noticed some of you have started talking about your favorite books on your blogs! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! You’ve made this teacher very happy!


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