National Day on Writing

On October 8th of this year, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution declaring October 20th the National Day on Writing. The first celebration today coincides with the opening of the National Gallery of Writing, an online gallery where writers from all walks of life can contribute samples of their writing.

Celebrate With Us.

My seventh graders and I will be celebrating the National Day on Writing (although they don’t know it yet 🙂 ) by:

  • talking about the importance of writing
  • reviewing the use of the Step Up to Writing program
  • writing, writing, writing

I started thinking that I would share with my students the reasons I feel writing is important and the different ways I write every day (from emails to blog posts to poetry). But they listen to me every day! I think it’s time for a new perspective. So I’m asking all of you, my gentle readers, to contribute to our conversation today. Please leave a comment here, send me an email (if you know it), tweet it, or Plurk it, but, most importantly, WRITE IT! Tell us why you think writing is important and how you use it in your daily life.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks for contributing to the conversation!


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19 responses to “National Day on Writing

  1. I talk a lot because I am a teacher. I think I actually express myself better when I am writing because I can plan out what I am saying better. For example, when I typed this, I edited (backspace, etc.) a few times. On a polished piece, I would edit and choose my words so much more carefully.

    Writing is important to me personally because it helps me organize my thoughts. I love journalling and writing on paper just as much as with a keyboard.

  2. I write every day, so I’m glad to read of the National Day on Writing. I write e-mails and planning documents to communicate with colleagues at work. I write e-mails to friends and family in the evening, to catch up on the day’s events or plan get-togethers. I write lesson plans for a class I teach. I tweet, practicing writing in 140-character bursts. I even comment on blogs occasionally. I also write things for personal reasons, such as poetry or personal essays.

    With so much writing in my life, it’s obviously important to be able to communicate my ideas clearly and to be able to adapt writing styles to various audiences and needs. Remember that there are two things to do to become a better writer—read a lot, and practice your own writing. Enjoy exploring all the ways you can use writing as you celebrate this National Day on Writing!

  3. I think writing is important because it is a way to let others know what you are thinking and what is important to you. Writing has become even more important in our digital age since lots of business, professional, and personal communication is now done with emails, texts, web sites, blogs, and wikis. I use writing in my daily life mostly online since I teach technology courses. One thing I do have to remember about writing is that it can be saved so I try to make sure my writing is concise, clear, and free of errors. I also use writing to update my posts on Facebook and Plurk so I use it for leisure, too!

  4. My writing ranges from the professional to the personal, my audience is very diverse. I use my blog and social networking sites to clarify thinking share ideas, request assistance, and stay in touch with colleagues around the world.

    But, ultimately, I write to express myself. I’ve found a Voice, and whether it’s heard by hundreds, a handful, or only myself doesn’t matter as much as the very satisfying act of creation.

  5. Cecilia Lopez

    Writing is an awesome thing! I love writing because it helps put my thoughts in order and it helps me share with others what I would like to say. Sometimes, if you are a bit shy, it helps to be heard, without having to be on the spot. I also would love to thank all writers. I love reading novels and articles that make me think and help me formulate my own beliefs on issues and events. I am very pleased to hear we are celebrating the art of writing this month! Write on!

  6. Writing is important because it makes us think deeply about the world and ourselves. It lets us express the emotions and ideas that make us individuals, that set us apart from others. It lets us relate to others in the most sensitive ways possible and allows us to fall into stories that transport us to new lands. Yes, writing is very important. Go to my eighth grade page to see what my students write on Voicethread. Write on!

  7. Communication is one of the most important skills to achieve for living our lives well and dealing with others. Writing is a critical part of communicating. The ability to write well and convey ideas to others is imperative in business, but also in our personal lives. The National Day on Writing — what a great way to encourage people to get excited about writing! Have fun with it!

  8. Diana C

    I don’t consider myself a writer but, if I think about it, I spend A LOT of time each day writing. I communicate a lot with e-mail. I always try to be concise, articulate and, when it’s appropriate, light and funny. I use e-mail to handle logistics, make plans, communicate concerns, solve problems and share victories.

    I also take time each year around the time of their birthdays to write a brief letter to each of my children. I feel foolish sometimes because I’m not a very creative writer but I hope someday when they read those letters they will get a small glipse at what is was like for me to be their mother.

  9. Robin Morley

    I think writing is important because it is a way to share insights with others that is often more personal than talking. Because writing can be proofread and changed, the writer can convey their thoughts more effectively. Even through fictional writing, the writer’s style, personality and education is usually evident.

  10. McSis-In-Law

    Like Mrs Hake, I also feel that I communicate much better in writing! I can think through what I want to say, go back and read over what I wrote, editing as necessary, and I often find that I’ll come up with a better word or turn-of-phrase once my thoughts are in written form.

    A huge part of my former job involved writing, including business related e-mails giving direction or requesting information, reports for senior management and presentations for meetings. (And trust me, it’s pretty darn embarrassing to have someone in a room full of big-wig bosses spot a dumb typo or an awkward explanation in your work!)

    Oh, and by the way… what’s the best way to improve your writing skills? READ, READ, READ!!!

  11. Deby

    Writing is a wonderful outlet to express your thoughts and feelings. Having the ability to put on paper your emotions and evoking those same emotions in those reading your words is such a powerful gift.

    Whether your composing a persuasive proposal at work, an informative report or a fictional novel how you put your words on paper is so important. A well organized paper with thoughts that are clear and does not contain errors can be a powerful tool to share your passions.

    I love the idea of a National Day on Writing! It keeps our kids writing and expressing their themselves.

  12. Celeste

    Hello 7th grade… Writing is a skill you will use in every aspect of your life. In my first job, I did all my writing on a dinosaur computer, one of the first PCs introduced in the workplace. The screen was about 12 inches square. (Yes, I am 100 years old!)

    Boy, are you 7th graders lucky to have the great technology we use now. You have the chance to write faster and better than I ever did. I hope you learn to be articulate when writing reports and respectful when writing letters and notes. Those skills will take you places.

    I was a journalism major, so I focused on writing for many years. The things I learned helped me tremendously in my communications career. Some of those opportunities were really exciting and some even took me around the globe. So, keep up the good work 7th grade! Those skills can really take you places. cj

  13. Dominic D

    Me? A writter?! Never going to happen. However, it is very important to write because you always learn a new grammar rule in the process. Also, what we read and learn about today is through writting.

    • mcteach

      Ah, Dominic, you know what they say! “Never say never!” I’ll make a reader AND a writer out of you by the end of the year…that’s my goal! Hope you’re feeling better.

  14. Cecilia

    Hi 7th graders,
    I think that being able to communicate your thoughts in writing is one of the most important skills you will learn at school. You will use these skills as you continue in school, as you enter the job market, and daily in your personal life. You are all so lucky that Miss McMillan has set this blog up for you. You are constantly getting practice putting your thoughts into writing. I like what Luke’s mom said about being able to edit things that you write, to get them just right. You can’t do that with a phone conversation. So don’t forget to proofread! Keep on writing! And I can’t wait to read the post-Caritas blogs!

  15. Laurie

    People will judge you your whole life, by your writing skills. Mucho importante!

  16. Well, in the conference, my teacher said I need to organize my thoughts in writing stories/persuasive paragraphs. Any way, writing is important, we use it every day. We use it in education, newspapers, advertisements, writing books/essays, and jobs ( Eg. cops: tickets, accident reports/ doctors: prescriptions, reports/ teachers: writing grades, teaching.)

  17. Nicole

    I use writing in my everyday life for business. I compose many emails to teams of people and create and distribute documents for projects with large corporations. Writing in one of the main skills that I use all day, every day.

    I also enjoy reading what others have written so that’s another reason that writing is so important.

  18. mcteach

    My thanks to all who joined us in celebrating the National Day on Writing. It was a wonderful day for my seventh graders and me. I am so grateful that so many parents (and a very special sis-in-law 😉 )could share with us their thoughts on writing. I’m sure my students have gotten tired of hearing their teacher talk about the importance of writing. It’s great for them to hear it from other voices.

    I wonder if some of you would like to take a stab at writing six-word sentences with us. My students shared their sentences on their blogs today. One sentence with six words…no more, no less…to describe themselves. Great fun! And lots of learning in the process!

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