Just So We’re Clear…

Any homework assigned today will be due Thursday as our day tomorrow is pretty full with other activities. Other work notes are as follows:

I hope that helps. Be sure to email me with any questions. As for tomorrow, you do have free dress, but keep in mind you need to be able to run, jog, walk, and/or skip in whatever outfit you choose.

Also, I will be posting a new question for The Giver later today that will be due by Friday. Be on the lookout!


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6 responses to “Just So We’re Clear…

  1. Colleen

    For the name entry, are we supposed to talk about only our first names, or both first and last?

  2. Sean

    Do we erase the part on the chariot race part about how to do it, ot do we leave it there.

  3. Elysse

    I can’t seem to get onto the “Guidelines for School Email.” I click on the blue highlighted words for the guidelines site, but nothing happens.

    • mcteach

      I got right in. You might want to make sure you’re logged into your Google apps account before clicking on that link. Let me know if that works.

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