Today’s Homework

Ok, I’m feeling like there may be some confusion about what you’re doing for homework this evening. So let’s clear it up, shall we? Here’s what you need to do tonight:

  • Rough draft of the paragraph describing the spotted owl picture (written in your notebook or typed in word, but NOT posted to your blog)
  • The “paper blog” – the one that you’re writing a couple of paragraphs about something you’re passionate about and then decorate it however you’d like.
  • We didn’t talk about it, but it’s up on the homework board: please write our petitions for Friday’s mass. Remember who we pray for: (1) church leaders, (2) leaders of government, (3) Special occasions – Guardian angels and St. Francis of Assisi, (4) The sick, (5) The dead.

Both assignments for YOUR blog are due Friday, not tomorrow. You may, of course, do it tonight and email me if you have any questions. Check the Assignment Blog for explanations.


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20 responses to “Today’s Homework

  1. Melissa

    what do you want us to do for the petitions?

    • mcteach

      We need to write the five petitions for Friday’s mass. Since we all could use some practice in writing petitions, I’d like each student to write their own petitions, just like we did with Father Declan yesterday.

  2. Hi Ms. McMillan Besides the blog homework do on Friday what other blog homework do we have

  3. Also when is the passion paper and decorations due

  4. Nick M.

    Just a little question. Can we just show you the ones we wrote in our religion journals tommorrow, or do you want us to comment it to you?

  5. If you’re not involved with the Mass then you don’t have to make any petitions, right?

  6. Carrie

    What do I do? I accidently added another my reflections! How do I delete it?

    • mcteach

      First of all, take a deep breath. This is an easy fix! Click on the link for the page you wish to delete. Make sure, when it opens, that this really is the page you wish to delete (I imagine it will be a blank page). Then click on “More actions” in the top right-hand corner, and select “delete page.” I believe it will ask you something like “are you sure? are you really, really sure you want to do this? Lives are at stake, you know! The fate of the planet is in your hands. No pressure!”

      Google’s wording might be a bit different, of course. 🙂

  7. Alexa

    For the paper blog, can we type up the words and cut and glue them on?

  8. Alexa

    can we add pictures?

    • mcteach

      I wouldn’t use actual photographs…I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them in phase 2 of this project. Print outs of pictures would be fine.

  9. Alexa

    One last thing, will we be passing them around the class, if so, could we put an area on for comments?

  10. Colleen

    Does our paper blog be on the Home page, or can it be one of the other ones on our “blog”?

    • mcteach

      I’m not sure I’m understanding the question. The paper blog assignment should NOT be posted on your actual blog. Does that answer the question?

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