A Change to Your Blogs

As we’ve discussed in class, when you leave a comment on a classmate’s blog your first AND last name will show up. What we’d like to do, for now, is to contain our blogs within the CTK school community only. What each of you will need to do is make a change in your blog’s settings. Don’t worry…it’s supremely easy!

  • From any page on your blog, select “More actions” and then “manage site.”
  • On the manage site page, select “Sharing” under “site settings.”
  • Under “Advanced Permissions” uncheck the box that says “Anyone in the world may view this site.

There are actually a few blogs that are already set to only be viewed within the CTK school community, so if your box is already unchecked…perfect!!

This is going to be perfect, my friends! We’ll have plenty of practice in our own safe community, and when we’re ready Mrs. Massi will create new accounts
for us that will allow us to collaborate with the world! In other words…

It’s all good!!


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7 responses to “A Change to Your Blogs

  1. Colleen

    Since that is all worked out, and we turned in our blogging contracts, can we add comments/ conversation starters to others’ blogs?

  2. mcteach

    Not until after tomorrow. I want to make sure everyone’s blog has been changed, and I also have a commenting lesson planned for tomorrow. Thanks for asking!

  3. Carrie

    How do you make a link? I know what button you press but how do you get it to where you want to write like for the paper blog?

    • mcteach

      First, make sure you’ve created a page called “Paper Blog.” Next, type “Paper Blog” on your About Me page. Then highlight the words “Paper Blog” and click on “link.”

      You are going to link to a page that has already been created, so find the name of the page in the list that comes up, click on it, and then hit “Ok.”

      That’s all there is to it!

  4. Alexa

    Sorry, I didn’t know which post to put this under. Are we supposed to put our job assignment on our home page?

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