“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” – Christopher Reeve

This is one of my favorite quotes about Hope, which is our theme for this year. If anyone ever had just cause to live without hope, surely it was Christopher Reeve. But, even with everything he had to face, he still never gave up hope.

In our conversation about this quote, here’s what Matthew had to say:

Hope is your left hand and God is your right hand. God is always going to be there to help you, but hope is what drives you. If you are in a bad time, hope can get you out. If you have no hope, you’re going to stay in the same situation. God is your gear shift, but hope is the accelerator and pedal. Hope is what gets you somewhere.

Such amazingly wise words! Thank you, Matthew!



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  1. student

    what is the website for 6th graders?

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